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If shooting is your passion and you will settle for nothing but the best and most versatile then the Beretta Elite II CO2 Air guns bb guns is the air gun for you. It mimics real firearms intensity has a feel that is complete with perfect weight. At 480 feet per second it has a smoking velocity and semi-automatic trigger that works double action. You don’t need to reload the Beretta elite II air gun often because it has a 19-shot clip BB repeater. A rear sight that is fixed, a bore barrel that is smooth and a ramp and blade front sight are some of the CO2 air guns features. The features are designed for the passionate and experienced hand, and the newbie enthusiast.

The prices on the internet are all quite similar and all available on Amazon. Getting it from Amazon has the added advantage that not only the price is the lowest but you also can use the return policy from Amazon. Check it out here.

Specifications and Features of the Beretta Elite II CO2 Air bb guns:

  • Ideal for sporting use and target practice
  • Barrel: Smooth bore
  • Max velocity: 480 feet per second
  • Accessory rail for laser and flashlight
  • Powerplant: CO2
  • Trigger action: Double-action air bb gun
  • Suggested use: Plinking/fun
  • One year limited warranty
  • S Front sight: Blade and ramp
  • Safety: Manual
  • 0.177 Caliber
  • 0.177-caliber sporting replica of the real firearm
  • Overall length: 8.5 inches
  • Weight: 1.5 pounds
  • Action: Semi-automatic
  • Barrel length: 4.8 inches

The Beretta Elite II CO2 Air gun is a .177 caliber BB gun with a 19-shot repeater. It’s powered by a 12g CO2 cartridge that is housed inside the grip. The Co2 BB guns also includes a drop-out BB magazine. From the outside you cannot see that the grip houses the CO2 cartridge and BB magazine. Since these bb guns are quiet and accurate it is guaranteed that the neighbors will not get disturbed.

On rare occasion there are some issues:
A few issues could be faced in the Beretta Elite II CO2 Airgun Pistol like if the clip is unloaded before it is empty, it might leave a BB in the gun which will jam when the clip is re-inserted. Getting the BB out is a pain which is indicated in the documentation too. It is possible that the CO2 cartridge puncture pin breaks which would render the gun useless. But these issues are very rare, as malfunctions are possible with every product you buy, they are not very likely with a quality product like this.

Some people complain about the CO2 cartridge leaking after changing it a couple of times. Just put a drop of Pellgunoil on top of the cartridge before inserting.Then turn it approximately 1/4 turn past the point where the cartridge hisses. You can feel if the cartridge is well seated.
Repairing facilities for the Beretta Elite II CO2 Airgun Pistol are not easily available. However the American distributor does offer replacement models at around 65% of the original cost for out of warranty complaints. Overall this product is considered as one of the most reliable air pistols available.

Co2 bb gun that barely ever jams even when used Regularly:
As long as there is enough CO2  in the cartridge of the Co2 guns, the shot group remains very tight. From just one cartridge around 120 to 140 shots can be fired, which is quite a lot.  It is very easy to use the clip and play safe. The pull of the trigger is very consistent. The Beretta Elite II CO2 Air gun barely ever jams, even if you use it on a daily basis. In the clip it holds 19 bb’s and is simply amazing while delivering a good number of shots.

Conclusion for Beretta elite II Co2 bb guns:

The Beretta elite II co2 air guns are great for anyone who likes powerful Co2 powered BB guns and doesn’t want to pay too much. But this airgun needs to be handled with some care, or else there is risk of it breaking down. It is very accurate after breaking it in and the 19 bb repeater clip eliminates the need to reload often. Shooting over 120 bb on one co2 cartridge makes this bb gun very energy efficient. Having both the clip and the co2 cartridge ingeniously housed inside the grip, this makes the Beretta elite II bb guns look very realistic.

Get it from Amazon.

Beretta Elite II BB gunsBeretta Elite II BB gunsBeretta Elite II BB guns

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2 Comments at "bb guns: Beretta Elite II Co2 Air guns"

Noah Nguyen July 27th, 2013 (#)

This gun is amazing! It shoots .177 BB’s, with 19 to each clip. It has great accuracy and power, which I can’t figure out because it also shoots 100 shots per CO2 cartridge! I have a Crosman 357 Revolver model, which is also a great gun, but it only shoots about 80 shots per cartridge, with about the same power and accuracy. I believe this gun in the best BB gun I’ve ever owned, no joke! I’d give it 6 stars if I could!

Chase I. Neal July 28th, 2013 (#)

The gun itself feels light, with a cheap plastic gun handle especially the handle part that slides out for the CO2 cartridge. Wow, so cheap. Plastic all around for the handle. Cheap feel. The barrel itself is stonger. No metal, but a much harder plastic.It takes .177 caliber bbs ONLY. No pellets of any kind. Standard CO2 cartridge.there is no blowback action. The whole barrel and hammer doesn’t move at all, like a toy gun. Despite all that, it is a nice replica of the original 92FS. Just wish it was more of a gun. Nice distance. This is one of the top rated bb guns as far as firing power is ooncernced. Either you get this for the power, or you get it mainly for the look. Otherwise, the PX4 Storm is the best.

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