Crosman Benjamin Trail NP Hardwood .22 Nitro Piston W Wood Stock Air Rifle

If you are looking for some really exciting rifle action, then you really ought to check out this review about the Crosman Benjamin Trail NP hardwood .22 Caliber Nitro Piston Air Rifle with wood stock (Includes 3-9 X 40mm Scope) and you will find ample evidence of its great accuracy and what exactly makes this Nitro Piston Air Rifle such great value for money. If you want to use a more quiet gun or pellet rifle then instead of considering the XL, the standard one (this one) is the best air rifle. This Pellet rifle is all about accuracy and durability. Crosman is delivering a quality pellet rifle once again. Read on as we go more in depth on this pellet rifle.

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Crosman Benjamin Trail NP Hardwood .22 Caliber Nitro Piston Air Rifle Features and Specifications

  • 23-foot-pounds of muzzle energy up to 950-feet-per-second (FPS)
  • Bull barrel
  • Nitro piston power source (performs in all weather conditions)
  • Firing velocity up to 950 FPS
  • 43-inch length
  • 0.22 caliber
  • Eight-pound weight
  • All weather synthetic durable, stock and break barrel in rugged design
  • Shipping Weight: 9.2 pounds

There are hardly any problems that people who own this rifle might experience when using/firing it. Weight of the sling is 57g = total 3551g or 7.8 lbs., weight of the gun is 2932g, and weight of 3-9x center-point scope (non illuminated version) is 562g, and can be used even by a tall person. Some people do find the stock to be on the short side, but it is not experienced as a problem. In combination with Crosman Premier pellets you will have extra high velocity and lots of take down power with great accuracy.

Customer reviews/tips on the Crosman Benjamin Trail NP Hardwood air rifle:

The Crosman Benjamin trail NP Hardwood .22 Caliber Nitro Piston Air rifle, like any Nitro Piston Air Rifle, needs some getting used to. Especially if you are used to shooting with a normal rifle. The rifle should be held a little more loose than normal rifles, but it is something you will automatically adjust to with use.

This air rifle is very accurate but it is wise to check the screws every once in a while. Mainly the stock screws and the breach pivot bolt tend to affect accuracy when not tightened enough.

The trigger is decent, upgrading to a (for example) GRT III is a cheap solution to get even closer to perfection. But it is not necessary, you will be fine without changing the trigger.
The Crosman Benjamin Trail NP is very quiet. It will probably not upset your neighbors when shooting this, as long as you don’t shoot at them.

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Conclussion, Crosman Benjamin Trail NP Hardwood air rifle:

This is a great Nitro Piston Air rifle, well worth it’s price. It is quiet, powerful and accurate. The air rifle needs about 200 rounds to settle in for accuracy. It is a great air rifle to have even if you already own more expensive rifles. It’s the best air rifle in its price class. The Crosman Benjamin Trail NP Hardwood .22 Caliber Nitro Piston Air rifle with Wood Stock (Includes 3-9 X 40mm Scope) will be a reliable favorite, always ready to go, in all weather conditions.

Benjamin-Trail-NP-best air rifle Hardwood_butt_stock Benjamin-Trail-NP-best air rifle Hardwood_scopeNitro Piston best Air rifle +scope

*Update: The Crosman Benjamin Trail NP Hardwood .22 Nitro Piston has been discontinued as there is a new version.
The Benjamin Trail Nitro Piston 2 Air Rifle with Scope.
It does not have a hardwood stock but aside from that it is an upgraded version of the rifle described in this review.
The Benjamin Trail Nitro Piston 2 air rifle has, as the name suggests, a new nitro piston system and an enhanced two-stage trigger.
The new Benjamin Trail has twice the effective shooting range as the original and shoots up to 15% faster.
You can check it out here.

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4 Comments at "Crosman Benjamin Trail NP Hardwood .22 Nitro Piston W Wood Stock Air Rifle"

Joan Skinner June 6th, 2013 (#)

The Benjamin Trail Nitro Piston XL 1100 .22-Caliber Air Rifle is powered by a Nitro Piston Technology that provides a quieter shot, reduced recoil and greater velocity/energy consistency. This Benjamin Trail air rifle is developed to deliver increased power with exceptional energy levels: They generate 28fpe with pellet velocity up to 1100fps (lead free pellet). The Benjamin Trail NP XL is equipped with a 3-9x40mm CenterPoint precision scope featuring an adjustable objective and Mil-Dot reticle. This nitro piston air rifle has ventilated rubber recoil pads and checkered hardwood stock. The Benjamin Trail air rifle is not adversely affected by temperature.

Silver Price August 11th, 2013 (#)

This is a very very good gun. The Nitro is a great improvement. And, it’s made in the USA. Two suggestions: My Crosman ammo fits very tightly into the barrel and thus can’t be seated just with my fingers (as was the case with my former 177 air rifle). My solution is to use a dead AAA battery to push the pellet just correctly into the bore. Also: better than your old phone book, get your worst old bed pillow and put it into a tight fitting cardboard box, and use it for the indoor backstop. Now order a new sleeping pillow. The scope is also very nice.

Get Smart August 19th, 2013 (#)

Where to start? This is an excellent air rifle. I’ve put about (60) rounds thru it. It has performed very well. It is also very quiet as advertised. It is louder smacking the target than the noise the rifle makes when it fires in most cases. I’m going to try to attach pictures of a couple groups that I shot rested over the back of a chair tonite from (11) yards indoors with no wind. It seems to like Crosman Pointed Premium Grade Pellets better than the Daisy Flat-Nosed Precison Max Pellets I shot. Great rifle. I laser-boresighted it at 10 yards. Laser-boresighting made getting on zero a snap. I also used my new FAT torque screwdriver to equally torque the mounts and rings. I really like the scope on this rifle. I am going to keep shooting the rifle and see how the scope holds up. Some air rifles can really tear up a scope due to the shock the scopes go thru.

Violet Rojas September 18th, 2013 (#)

This air rifle was a quality product. I especially loved the scope! After zeroing it in, I could hit a three inch bulls eye at 100 feet without any problem. I was surprised at the power of this rifle.

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