Gamo Bone Collector and Gamo Bone Collector Bull Whisper

This air rifle is available in .177 and .22 caliber and is developed by Gamo in collaboration with Michael Waddell and Travis “T Bone” Turner from the “Bone collector” tv series. Hence the name Gamo Bone collector. This air rifle is designed with the small game hunter in mind and packs an enormous punch while still being very quiet because of the noise dampener. The Gamo G1000 spring piston power plant can shoot up to 1000 fps with normal pellets and 1250 fps with pba. Of course when shooting with pba it will be less quiet because of the pellet going supersonic. The Bone collector has a special composite stock which is forest green with dark grey rubber grip inserts which make this air rifle look cool and makes sure you have a good grip, on the side it has the bone collector logo. The butt plate is made from thick ventilated rubber to absorb recoil. The Bone collector has twin cheek pads for ambidextrous shooting. This Break Barrel, single cocking air rifle comes with a 3-9×40 air rifle scope and Gamo standard reticle. It is highly accurate and maintains accuracy over long distance. The ND52 noise dampener reduces the noise up to 52% and the two stage adjustable trigger lets you set the trigger distance.

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Gamo Bone Collector Air Rifle features and specifications

  • Powerful break barrel air rifle
  • Suggested use: Small game hunting or pest control (able to kill large pests)
  • Barrel: fluted polymer jacketed rifled steel
  • Caliber: .177 and .22 available
  • Maximum velocity .177 model: 1000 fps with lead, 1250 fps with pba
  • Maximum velocity .22 model: 750 fps with lead, 950 fps with pba
  • Trigger: Second stage adjustable trigger
  • Comes with a 3-9×40 illuminated rifle scope (unmounted)
  • Fiber optic sigths (fully adjustable rear)
  • Safety: Manual safety, automatic cocking safety system (anti-beartrap)
  • Stock: All-weather Forest Green durable synthetic stock with dark grey rubber grips
  • Twin cheek pads for ambidextrous shooting
  • Weight: 5.28 lbs
  • Length: 44.6 inches

Gamo Bone Collector Air Rifle customer reviews and conclusion

It is nearly impossible to find any negative customer reviews of this air rifle. To some people the air rifle is a bit too loud, but that is only from the shooters perception, if you let someone else fire the Gamo Bone Collector you can hear yourself that it is absolutely not loud. The air rifle itself is not loud. But when shooting pba the pellet will go supersonic and this of course will give a cracking sound. The sound is comparable to shooting a .22 short.

The trigger is not as smooth as some others but it’s not troublesome.
Also some people complain how they have to zero in the sights again after they start using a different kind of pellet, this is a complaint you see for all scoped air rifles, and this is simply because different pellets behave different from each other. If you change the pellet sort you have to zero the sights in again, that’s just how it is.

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Overall this is a great air rifle, in specifications it is almost the same as the Gamo Varmint Hunter, but with a different stock, a different scope, no flashlight and laser and quieter. If you are not planning on using the air rifle at night and maybe want to shoot targets that are further away then this is your rifle.
Also if you want to use it in an urban area without annoying or waking your neighbors then this rifle is your best choice, just don’t use pba pellets.

bone collector air rifles



There is a new and improved version of the Gamo Bone Collector air rifles, it is called:

Gamo Bone Collector Bull Whisper

There are no reviews about this rifle available yet but as we know that the Gamo Bone Collector rifle was a great air rifle, Gamo and the guys of the “Bone collector” tv series made this into a really impressive air rifle with even more power and accuracy.

Some of the cool new changes are:

  • Better noise reduction with the all new Bull whisper noise dampener
  • Inert Gas Technology (IGT™). A pneumatic cylinder instead of a spring enables the shooter to have more terminal velocity and less vibration
  • Maximum velocity .177 model: 1000 fps with lead, 1300 fps with pba
  • Maximum velocity .22 model: 750 fps with lead, 950 fps with pba
  • A new recoil pad: Shock Wave Absorber (SWA™), absorbs up to 74% recoil
  • Two-stage adjustable Smooth Action Trigger (SAT)
  • Comes with 50 rounds of platinum pba pellets, 4×32 Scope, elasticized scope lens covers, cleaning cloth and hex wrench

Benefits of the Gamo Bone Collector Bull Whisper air rifles

The IGT™ has many advantages over normal metal springs: Smoother cocking, smoother shooting, less vibration, IGT™ lasts much longer than metal springs, no spring torque, no spring fatigue even if you cock it for hours and it functions perfectly in cold weather.

Some people complain about the standard trigger and always end up getting an aftermarket trigger because let’s face it, they are much better in general. But the Gamo Bone Collector Bull whisper air rifles come with a two stage adjustable SAT, these action triggers are smooth and predictable. Much better than other standard triggers. This will definitely help you shoot tighter groups.

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Bone Collector Bull whisper air rifles

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3 Comments at "Gamo Bone Collector and Gamo Bone Collector Bull Whisper"

Deon Q. Owen April 29th, 2013 (#)

Okay, let’s address the main issue everyone has with all pellet guns, the scope. The factory scope on this air rifle is perfectly fine. Had it sighted in after 5 shots. I did notice that after a couple shots, I had to re-sight it. As an experienced shot, I knew it was not the scope and had to be the mounts. I was right. I went to a gun shop and bought a Remington mount that was much higher quality and this thing is perfect now. After 50 shots, I have only had minor tweaks. All shots within a quarter distance at 30 yards. So for the scope issues, just buy a better mount. As for the sound, it all depends on what type of ammo. Make sure if you want quiet shots to use a heavy pellet and not high velocity. This makes a big difference. The ammo it comes with breaks the sound barrier, letting out a loud crack. I used gamo pellets that had a copper ball in the cap and they shoot wonderful and very quiet for a pellet gun. Defiantly a bone collector though. Squirrel is what’s for dinner!

Joan G. Skinner May 15th, 2013 (#)

Things I liked:Light weight, accurate, powerful, reasonable price.Things I would have changed:Better scope. One piece scope mount. Nicer way to attach a sling would be great, and if it’s going to be sold as a quiet rifle make it quiet. Mines loader than my older Gamo shadow 1000, and my Hunter 220.What others should know:If you need a quiet airgun, this may not be for you. As I said, it’s louder than my older gamo rifles, and my Benjamin trail np. If noise isn’t a problem you’ll like this one. Accuracy has been very good with every pellet I’ve tried so far, gamo hunters, magnums, master points, crosman premiers, Benjamin domed, and pointed pellets. The gamo magnums, and master points hit a little to the left of point of aim but still hold niece groups. I’ve got about 600 rounds through this rifle and so far all groups at 20 yard can be covered with a quarter, with the exception of the occasional flier. Sometimes I can even get dime sized groups. All and all this is a very good rifle. But don’t buy thinking its quiet.

Vincent J. Bell June 10th, 2013 (#)

When you enter the world of air rifles most folks are overwhelmed by the variety of models within each brand, not to mention the price range. To put things into a bit of perspective, let’s look at some general characteristics. Most air rifles range in weight from 5 pounds to 8.5 pounds, with velocities ranging from 600 – 1450 fps and prices from $65 to $1,600. No, that isn’t a misprint, a top end Beeman air rifle sells for $1,600 bucks and change. If you are going to be a competitive shooter, there is no question that you would spring for the Beeman. However, for the rest of us, who simply want an air gun for plinking and small game hunting, you don’t need to drain your bank account to get a good one.

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